Are You Dating Someone Safe with an STD?

Are you std dating someone and wondering if they are a safe person to be with when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? It's important to have an honest conversation about STDs before engaging in any sexual activity. Before you start the conversation, it's important to have a plan in place and know what you want to say and what you need to know about your partner. Start by asking your partner if they have ever been tested for STDs and if they have had any recent checkups. If they have been honest about their previous std dating partners, it is a sign that they will be willing to talk about STDs.

For those who are looking for a safe and secure way to date, there are many positive singles websites available that offer a safe environment for those who are living with an STD or STI. It only takes one sexual encounter to contract an STD or an STI, and it is also possible to be safe and avoid contracting it during numerous encounters. There are several STDs that can be transmitted from one person to another regardless of condom use, such as syphilis, HPV, herpes and trichomoniasis, among others. It is not possible to tell just by looking if a person has an STD—even people who have an STD sometimes don't know. If you are relying on condoms as the only method of contraception, you should explore other methods of contraception before you stop using them.

With most incurable STDs, there are still ways to practice safe sex, and if your partner isn't comfortable with that, there are still other ways you can be intimate with each other. You should also be honest with your partner by letting them know that before you have sex, you want to know what each one is facing and take steps to stay safe. Each STD has what's known as an “incubation period” during which a person contracts the STD, but it hasn't developed enough to cause a positive test result. If talking about STDs is not a topic that you're comfortable with your partner, you may need to consider why and if you're really ready to start a sexual relationship with that person.

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