How to Talk to Your Partner About Condom Use

If your partner doesn't want to use a condom (or doesn't want you to), you can simply say something like: “We can use a condom or not have sex. You can also explain to them why condoms are important to you and help them understand where you're coming from. Communication is the best way to improve sexual relationships. Talk to him about your aversion to condoms when you're not having sex.

When it comes to discussing condom use with your partner, it's important to determine your reasoning behind wanting to use protection. Asking yourself questions such as why you feel the need for protection, what kind of protection you prefer, and what kind of experience you've had with condoms in the past can help the two of you reach an agreement about condom use. You may have had a bad experience with condoms in the past, or you may not have found one that fits you. Trying out different styles of condoms or having open communication about your wants and needs is a great way for you to see the fun of safer sexual experiences.

Obviously, physical attraction doesn't protect anyone against pregnancy or STDs. That's why it's especially important to pause, take a deep breath and go get some rubber when you let yourself be carried away by the passion of the moment. When talking about safe sexual relationships with your partner, feel free to get creative with ways to cooperate and come to a conclusion that will make you both happy. You have the right to make a decision for yourself, and he has a right to himself; but when you make decisions that affect your partner, each and every decision must be mutually agreed upon.

Practicing safe sex requires the cooperation of both parties for it to be successful, so it's essential to be aware of how each couple will contribute and what their concerns are. You're being responsible and looking out for your health and his health, and it's not okay for him to pressure you to have unprotected sex and risk getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. But it's totally normal for you to find it difficult to set those limits with a partner who refuses to use a condom; it's a difficult situation, especially when you really like someone. There are millions of people out there, and you can definitely find a partner who gives you the love and affection you deserve, but it'll be even harder to meet her if you're involved in someone who doesn't treat you well.

Try talking about ways to make using condoms fun and sexy, such as experimenting with different styles of condoms, using lube, and putting it on your partner.

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